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11:18 AM | 11.11.2016 | Klosters
MotorWorld Sydney 11 November 2016 | Klosters

MotorWorld Sydney

Australia's Ultimate Automotive Festival


MotorWorld Sydney

Australia's Ultimate Automotive Festival

Growing up in 1970s Sydney as the youngest child and only girl amongst a family of red-blooded, petrol-headed, Ford vs Holden blokes really meant that I was exposed to a far greater degree of petrol fumes than was good for me. 

But it also meant that I grew up knowing that 'Jumbo' Goddard's 1924 Bentley was a fairly ferocious unit and that slide night at our place would usually involve familial swooning by the elder boy-children in the family over photos of the gold Gullwing. Indeed, one of my brothers went on to hand-machine parts for mechanical repairs to some of Jumbo's vehicles. 

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Kristian Willand is the Managing Director of MotorWorld and has organised motor shows all over the world - Paris, Germany, South Africa to name a few. Now the man behind the inaugural MotorWorld Sydney which he promises will be much more than a traditional car show, but an entirely new experience.

"The world's grand old car shows are starting to realise that there has to be more on offer than an exhibition hall containing 200 expensive vehicles. Very nice vehicles, but traditionally a very static experience. We're aiming to create a whole new experience for the whole family."

The four-day program for MotorWorld Sydney is intensely focused on encouraging visitors to get hands-on with the cars, including the opportunity to take part in some of the 7000 test drive opportunities that will be available.

"We've got over 120 cars from 35 manufacturers that you can choose to drive including the new Fiat Spider, the beautiful Jaguar XF and also Lotus. In fact, we've got four from Lotus for you to play with and you simply select your test drives when you're booking your tickets online."

"We've got lots of exotic cars including four from Lotus for you to play with - you simply select your test drives when you're booking your tickets online."

Recognising the importance of women in making car-buying decisions in Australia (60% of car purchase decision makers are women), MotorWorld Sydney has partnered with Mamamia to sponsor the opening day as 'Ladies Day'. 

"We're serious when we say we've planned MotorWorld as a family event. Women are the major influence in making that important decision of which car to buy. We'll have a major car test by female drivers and we think the feedback that the car companies will receive from that could be quite powerful for them."

"And to ensure that women ARE able to get involved in all of our events, we will have a professional creche operating to provide child-minding."

So that's Mum and Dad taken care of, but the huge selection of activities across the four days include slot-car and remote controlled car racing, electric bike rides and young driver experiences with qualified instructors.

BMW Motorrad is providing driving experiences on the off-road training course and the chance for the little ones to earn their BMW Kiddies Licence.

Tesla will be there to share the latest technological advancements in electric vehicles and autonomous driving, there'll be safety demonstrations and numerous opportunities to get on the track, on the street, or even into the dirt.

The entertainment isn't just automotive, artists will be included in the Dream Ride Twilight Concert on Saturday evening, and Sunday's Dream Ride Concern will feature Iva Davies of Icehouse, Adam Harvey, Amber Lawrence and Justice Crew - all a celebration of athletes of the Special Olympics. 

For more information and to book tickets to MotorWorld Sydney, click here.

MotorWorld Sydney will be held 1 - 4 December at Sydney Motorsport Park at Eastern Creek.


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