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02:35 PM | 21.09.2017 | Klosters
How do you transport a 150kg chocolate Rhino? 21 September 2017 | Klosters

How do you transport a 150kg chocolate Rhino?

Using a Ford Transit Custom


How do you transport a 150kg chocolate Rhino?

Using a Ford Transit Custom

Dean Gibson and Jon Pryer completed the “BoneShaker” project which was a worlds first automated sculpture made from 100% Belgium chocolate at Smooth Chocolate Festival at the Rocks on the 13th and 14th of August.

The concept was to break a world record and build a chocolate sculpture out of 100% Callebaut Belgium chocolate capable of movement (automata) without a motor, electrical motor or anything not chocolate. Part of this project was to explore and collaborate with other disciplines within TAFE NSW to cut, machine, 3Dprint, plazma cut and lathe parts to build the chocolate sculpture using technology and showcase TAFE NSW teacher excellence and innovation at smooth chocolate festival. 

But how do you move a 150kg chocolate Rhino from Newcastle to Sydney? 

Well thanks to Ford travelling was made easy with the brand new Ford Transit Custom. It was the perfect size and super smooth. With its plethora of tie down points and 70 metres of Cling Wrap everything stayed together for the entire trip.  Having 3 seats at the front was essential to get the team to Sydney and unload in a hurry. 

The sculpture is a mechanical Rhino in steam punk theme called "BoneShaker". Weighing in at 150kg and moving head, mouth, ears, eyes and a little bird pecking the steam punk Rhino the piece was constructed live over two days in the Callebaut chocolate demonstration area of smooth.

"This has been my biggest challenge yet and sets the bar globally for Chocolatiers by adding movement but also using new technologies and tools such as C&C routing, chainsaw and lathe". - Dean Gibson


With a crowd of over 20,000 entering the festival, chocolate lovers from around the area got to experience the “Boneshaker” demonstration as Dean and Jon constructed and operated the movement of the mechanical rhino. One on-looker stated "I was amazed at how strong chocolate can be as a constructional material and shows the command on both design and chocolate work".

Although this was a worlds first, Dean and the team unfortunately did not receive a world record as it was too unique and difficult to quantify something in the project that could easily be identified for challengers to beat in the future. But they sure did create an amazing sculpture!

If you want to follow Dean Gibsons future project or look at other amazing past Chocolate showpieces created by the Novocastrian, you can follow him on Facebook or Instagram or visit his website at


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