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07:24 PM | 02.02.2017 | Brent Davison
Catch Me If You Can 02 February 2017 | Brent Davison

Catch Me If You Can

We review the best movie car chases of last year


Catch Me If You Can

We review the best movie car chases of last year

FOR car buffs and movie, 2015 was a standout year for movie car chases and 2017 is looking just as promising

Mad Max Fury Road broke new ground with its amazing effects, crazy car designs and frenetic action, Spectre gave us a duel car lovers could only dream of, and Furious 7 took the series to absurd new heights with its spectacularly over-the-top scenes.

2017 is also looking promising for the franchise with The Fate of the Furious already looking like its predecessors, with predictions that it's will smash box office records as well.

That isn't to say that 2016 didn't have any memorable automotive movie action scenes and with that in mind, we asked e-magazine CarBuzz for its take on the best movie car chases of last year:

1. Ride Along 2


First up, action comedy Ride Along 2 featured a surprisingly good car chase set in Miami with a Jaguar XJR being chased by a team of black BMWs. We got some banter between Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, who insisted on using his turn signals because "it's a habit" which probably wasn't the best evasive driving strategy.

2. Jason Bourne


By far the most destructive chase scene of 2016 involved the enigmatic Jason Bourne.

In the climactic scene that managed to shut down the famous Las Vegas strip, Bourne chased after a SWAT van driven by a fleeing assassin. Much mayhem ensued as the unstoppable SWAT van ploughed through anything in its path, leading to 170 cars being wrecked in the five-and-a-half-minute sequence.

3. London Has Fallen


Gerald Butler starred in the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen and in London Has Fallen we got to witness the destruction of several iconic London landmarks. But it's the thrilling chase scene that stands out as Butler's character escapes gun-toting, motor bike-riding terrorists by manoeuvring an SUV through narrow traffic-clogged streets.

4. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


The iconic Batmobile finally returned to our screens in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice after last being seen in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises.

Compared to the military-esque Batmobile in the Dark Knight trilogy, the new Batmobile was radically redesigned as a cross between the long-hood design of the 1990's Batman films and the modern tank-like Tumbler used in later films.

While Batman V Superman was critically panned, the chase scene was one of the film's better action scenes. The vehicles weren't very evenly matched, though: no car was safe as the Batmobile used Gatling guns, flares and brute force to create an onslaught of carnage, resulting in a very entertaining action scene.

5. Captain America: The Winter Soldier


No Marvel superhero movie is complete without a memorable action set-piece and Captain America: The Winter Soldier gave us a glorious city chase with Samuel L. Jackson at the wheel of an SUV.

Admittedly, Civil War's chase sequence involving the SUV-driving Winter Soldier evading a motorcycle-riding Captain America wasn't quite as spectacular but it was integral to the plot as it introduced us to Black Panther, had a great sense of speed as the bike weaved through traffic and climaxed in a satisfying final stunt with the SUV rolling multiple times.

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