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01:34 PM | 03.11.2017 | AK Morris
Balance. It’s something we all strive for. 03 November 2017 | AK Morris

Balance. It’s something we all strive for.

Volkswagen Golf R 7.5


Balance. It’s something we all strive for.

Volkswagen Golf R 7.5

Balance. It’s something we all strive for. Be it a balance between work and life, staying fit and healthy yet enjoying a beer and a pizza or balancing the allocation of your free time between your better half and your Xbox, finding the perfect balance has always been a challenge.

It’s a challenge we face when buying a new car too. It has to be classy enough to pick up clients in, take the boss to a meeting or convince the in-laws you’re not a hoon yet have enough performance to get you out of a sticky situation, enjoy an enthusiastic back road jaunt and convince your mates you're still bit of a hoon. It has to be practical, safe and fuel efficient but needs to look great, sound great, have just the right amount of street cred and it can’t cost a fortune.

Volkswagen have more than met the challenge. The latest Golf R Mk7.5 is about as close to the perfect balance as any car has ever been.

Let’s get all the compliments out of the way first and then we’ll move on to the details.

I’m not sure if there is a more complete car out there. For just over 50 grand here we have a car that is classy, comfortable, beautifully finished, bursting with new tech, has the latest safety features yet is dynamically more capable than what many Ferrari’s were 10 years ago, snarls, crackles and pops like a rally car when you want it to, will launch harder off the line than many all out performance cars and will easily swallow up an Ikea run, a months worth of groceries or 4 adults. Do I love it? Yes. Very much.



It looks so right. The lowered sports suspension is at the perfect height, the 19-inch Spielberg alloys are just as classy as they are sporty, the stylised front bar, side skirts and subtle rear wing don’t scream boy racer but set it apart from it’s more conservative Golf siblings.

Volkswagen Gold R 7.5
Volkswagen 2017 Golf R 7.5



Inside the interior is again that perfect balance of premium elegance with sporting intentions. The sculptured leather seats hold you firmly yet never become uncomfortable. Actual seating position is perfect and the customisable 12.3-inch drivers display is brilliant as is the 9.2-ich Discover Pro system featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Even the screens placement and vehicle and infotainment controls are executed perfectly.

Cabin, storage and boot space are excellent and all around visibility is typical Golf, brilliant. Nice little touches like the felt lined door bins add to the premium feel. The parking sensors, very clear rear-view camera and compact dimensions make parking a breeze and when in Comfort mode, the Golf R handles the day to day grind easily.

But that’s not why you buy a Golf R. 213kW, 380Nm, All wheel drive grip and 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds are.



Select Sport or Race and the Golf R transforms. The exhaust note deepens, the suspension firms up, throttle response sharpens and the steering becomes even more alive. Plant your right foot and your eyes and brain will have to re-calibrate as the forward thrust of the R, in almost any scenario and on any surface is genuinely exhilarating. I’ve been in serious performance cars that are this rapid but this is a practical hatch back. Is this even allowed.


Golf R 7.5

Engine Size 2.0L turbocharged
Power 213kW @ 5400rpm
Torque 380Nm @ 1850rpm
Transmission 6-speed manual or 7-speed DSG
Acceleration 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds

It’s not all straight line expertise either. The way the R devourers corners is incredible. The brakes are so responsive and steering so accurate, you can balance and play with the car through the turns with total confidence, knowing the constantly adjusting all wheel drive system will just safely catapult you out the other side. Did I mention this is a practical leather bound hatch back doing all this? Incredible.

Well done Volkswagen. Can I have it back now please?

Any negatives? Besides the fact I had to give it back, the touch-screen gets a few finger marks on it after a while. Thats about it really.
The Golf R ticks about every box you could ever ask of it and it does it all so easily. Since the first Golf R32 in 2003, Volkswagen have been striving to perfect the recipe for perfect balance in a hot hatch and the new R is the very successful result. Well done Volkswagen. Can I have it back now please?



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