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02:58 PM | 31.01.2019
Suzuki Jimny 31 January 2019

Suzuki Jimny

Nobody but Jimny


Suzuki Jimny

Nobody but Jimny

Nobody But Jimny

It’s the original, rugged 4×4. Beginning with the LJ10A in 1970, The Jimny has forged a legendary reputation for being tougher than the terrain it travels. Lightweight but seriously capable, the all-new Jimny is the next level in taking you places others can’t.

Ready to conquer the wild

Built to tackle the harshest weather and terrain, the Jimny goes where other vehicles fear to tread. Jimny grabs attention with rugged retro looks capturing iconic cues from its past.

Exterior features include a practical drip rail lining the edge of the roof, flat and square bonnet corners crafted for better situational awareness when navigating uneven terrain and iconic round LED headlamps with washers give a nod to Jimny’s heritage.

Stay focused on what matters most

In the Jimny, there’s little to distract you from your adventure. Its stylish black interior is humble yet handsome, and controls are designed for quick, easy operation even when wearing gloves. Enjoyment matters too, so a 7-inch multimedia system integrates satellite navigation, reversing camera, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto.™

No Limits

It will take you absolutely anywhere, then bring you back again. The all-new Jimny opens up every opportunity for adventure with the incredible 4×4 traction and powerful low-range capability of ALLGRIP PRO.

Shift the transfer lever to the 4L mode when the going gets tough for maximum torque and traction. On flat off-road trails and snow-covered roads, enter 4H to enjoy 4WD traction at higher speeds. Once you return to paved roads, shift to the 2H (2WD) mode for a smoother, quieter and more fuel efficient ride. Let ALLGRIP PRO satisfy your adventurous nature with its on and off-road mastery.

Power your off-road ambitions

Nothing stands in your way when driving the Jimny. It takes you wherever you want to go with unrivalled agility, precision control and powerful torque when you need it most.

Feel empowered by the Jimny. Its robust 1.5L engine generates strong torque throughout a wide rpm range for powerful off-road performance. Small and lightweight, it delivers high fuel efficiency coupled with a 4-speed Automatic or 5-speed Manual Transmission.

Hill Hold Control and Hill Descent Control help you control tricky climbs and decents while Brake LSD Traction Control ensures you cover slippery ground with confidence. If two wheels diagonal from each other lose grip while you’re travelling over slippery surfaces, this feature will automatically brake the slipping wheels and redistribute torque to the other two wheels, allowing the Jimny to make its escape.

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