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03:26 PM | 19.04.2017 | Klosters
BMW & Hans Zimmer 19 April 2017 | Klosters

BMW & Hans Zimmer

Road To Coachella


BMW & Hans Zimmer

Road To Coachella

BMW i recently made its debut as the exclusive transportation partner at the Coachella Valley Music & Art Festival providing VIP shuttle service and hospitality. BMW’s sustainable, future-oriented brand will provide BMW i3 electric vehicles and BMW X5 40e iPerformance plug-in hybrid electric vehicles were in use on and around the festival site.

A stand-out feature of the BMW i3 fleet at Coachella was a unique wrap that was created especially for the occasion, its design reflecting the creative and unconventional character of the event. BMW i8 plug-in hybrid electric sports cars with Coachella design was also on the roads between Los Angeles and Palm Springs with a selected group of festival-bound celebrities and influencers on board.

Coachella is one of the world’s largest music festivals and provides an ideal stage for the BMW i brand:

“The wealth of ideas the artists bring and the festival’s focus on sustainability create a unique atmosphere; Coachella is the birthplace for many trends, ideas and movements,” says Hildegard Wortmann, Senior Vice President Brand BMW. “BMW i is likewise a driver of pioneering innovations and the joy of sustainable mobility. We are positioning the sub-brand as open-minded, creative and inspiring and Coachella provides an exceptional platform for this purpose, uniting creativity, passion and connectedness. We’re looking forward to an inspirational partnership.”

A social media campaign entitled “Road to Coachella” kicked-off the partnership on March 14. The campaign offered festival goers the chance to win a festival pass by documenting their preparation for the festival and their own journey to Coachella Valley via social media using the hashtag #RoadToCoachella.

Renowned composer and music producer Hans Zimmer (“Inception”, “Pearl Harbor”, “The Dark Knight” and “The Lion King”) provided the soundtrack for a video promoting “Road to Coachella.”

BMW i8 at Coachella
BMW i8 wrapped

Can an orchestra rock? Does a song exhilarate you the same way a TwinPower Turbo engine can? What happens when two icons of progress and innovation come together to deliver a unique live experience at Coachella?

The three-minute piece, which debuted on BMW’s YouTube Channel, is set to a Zimmer’s music and features the BMW i8 hybrid electric sports car, while providing a look at his preparations as he and his orchestra ready for their first-ever Coachella performance. Also featured in the video are fellow Coachella performers including Marshmello, Galantis, Ryan Rabin of Grouplove, Warpaint and Broods.

About BMW i


BMW i is based around a wide-reaching concept designed to bring about sustainable and future-focused mobility.

It is fuelled by visionary electric vehicles and mobility services, inspirational design and a new understanding of premium that is defined squarely in terms of sustainability and delights with innovative new vehicles.

The design of the all-electric BMW i3 emission-free model for urban use is centred around sustainability, while the BMW i8 introduces us to the sports car of the future.


We loved having the i8 and i3 with us in Newcastle recently.

BMW i8
BMW i8
BMW i8 interior
BMW i8

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