Consumer Finance

Ideal if you want to enjoy your dream new or used car right now without tying up all your funds. 

With our fixed monthly payments, budgeting is simple. Just agree on a deposit and monthly repayment to suit your budget (over a period between 24 and 84 months). We can even arrange a direct debit so your repayments look after themselves.


Chattel Mortgage

Perfect for business-use new car buyers who want to maximise the taxation benefits of financing a new vehicle.

Chattel Mortgage, also known as Asset Purchase or Goods Loan, is designed for business entities that account for their business on a cash basis.  GST on your payments may be claimed back on lodgement of your BAS (Business Activity Statement), to the extent that the vehicle is used for business.  We can structure a contract to your specific business needs, with terms available from 24 to 60 months depending on your budget, with a final balloon payment facility available.


Business Finance

Finance Lease

Finance Lease is the product of choice for business users who wish to finance a vehicle “off balance sheet”. 

The vehicle is owned by the financier (lessor) for the term of the lease, and the lessee has an option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease for a pre-determined Residual Value.  A Finance Lease is preferred by those who want predictability of payment and tax deductions.


Novated Lease

The Novated Lease is an agreement between the employee (lessee), employer and financial provider (lessor), where the lessee’s obligations are transferred to the employer.  In essence, the employer pays the monthly rentals, running costs and Fringe Benefits Tax from the employee’s pre-tax salary. Concessions for Fringe Benefits Tax purposes can make a new car an attractive component of any remuneration package.



Once you’ve chosen your vehicle it’s obviously important to protect it from unexpected circumstances.

At Klosters, we partner with Allianz for car insurance, one of the largest and most respected motor vehicle insurers in Australia. We provide a range of options from third party property damage to comprehensive cover.