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03:31 PM | 30.08.2016 | Klosters
Renewing Your Registration 30 August 2016 | Klosters

Renewing Your Registration

Will you need an inspection?


Renewing Your Registration

Will you need an inspection?

Registering your car might seem like one of those regular expenses that gets in the way of life’s fun stuff, but it’s a crucial part of car ownership, and with a little planning it can be a relatively pain-free experience.

In NSW any vehicle driven or towed on our roads must be registered. It’s that simple. Registering your vehicle ensures it is deemed safe to drive, and the addition of the Compulsory Third Party insurance – or green slip – as part of your rego provides peace of mind for all road users. But first, are you registering a car you just bought, or one you already own?

Your rego renewal papers will get mailed to you (as long as your details are up to date). Your rego papers will say if you need to have a vehicle inspection, known as an eSafety Check (and sometimes called a ‘pink slip’). Chances are if your car is more than five years old you will need one.

Registration Renewal - registering a car you already own


So, you wait for your rego papers to arrive in the mail then leave them on the kitchen bench until the day it’s due and then you run around like crazy or jump onto the internet, trying to get it all sorted before midnight? You know there’s a better way right?

You know car rego is a regular expense so why not start a bank account to cover the costs? Putting a little away each time you get paid will help take the sting out of rego day when it arrives. This registration calculator can help you know what you’re up for.

Get Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP)


CTPs (sometimes called ‘green slips’) provide compulsory insurance coverage in case your vehicle is involved in an accident where another person suffers injury. They ensure that those injured are compensated for their injuries and recovery.

It is illegal to drive without a CTP in NSW, and you will be unable to register your vehicle unless you have one. In the month before your rego is due, start searching for a great CTP quote. There are loads of CTP calculators online that will help you find the best price, and they only take a few minutes to fill out. Or you could do it the old-fashioned way and phone up the insurance provider/s of your choice or even an insurance broker for the best quote.

You can pay for CTPs at the Post Office or through the broker if you used one. Paying online with a credit card is also super handy. Most insurers will electronically forward your details to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to acknowledge that you have paid for your CTP.

eSafety Check – yay or nay?


Your eSafety Check makes sure that your car is roadworthy and meets minimum safety requirements. This must be done at an authorised inspection station. Ask friends and family who they go to, or simply look for the sign outside mechanics’ workshops to see if they are accredited for safety checks. Or search for one in your area online.

You will probably have to book in so don’t just rock up, unless you don’t mind waiting. And don’t leave it until 4.30pm on the day your rego is due.

Register your car


Once you have your CTP and eSafety Check (if needed) you can register your car. You can do this any time in the lead-up to the due date. Your car is registered until midnight on the due date, but don’t leave it until the last minute. You can pay for your rego online with a credit or debit card. If you’ve only just paid for your green slip online, you may need to wait an hour or so for it to be electronically entered into the RMS system.

Keep in mind that it can take even longer if you pay at the Post Office or through a broker. If you had an eSafety Check your mechanic should have sent the results through to the RMS. Again, it may take an hour or so to be lodged completely so make sure you have time up your sleeve.

Once your CTP and eSafety Check are lodged you simply have to pay your rego. Have your rego papers handy as you will need the billing number from them too. Or, if you’d like to talk to a real person, why not come into a Service NSW office where the friendly staff will sort you out.

Tada! You’re registered for another year. See, that didn’t hurt a bit, did it?

Rego Hacks 


Did you know you can have email and SMS reminders about rego renewal sent to you for free? Check it out here. 

If you love a bit of technology with your rego there’s an app for that. Renew your rego on your phone! 


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